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Create. Manage. Transform.

Portfolio Management for Data Analytics & AI Use Case

Casebase supports use case ideas on their way to becoming valuable and innovative Data Analytics & AI solutions.

Casebase - Data & AI Use Case Management

Data & AI applications as well as the linked processes have been grown very heterogeneous in organizations.

Make Data & AI  Manageable!

With Casebase, you systematically build your portfolio of use cases, document the development process in a structured way, establish governance and steer your Data & AI roadmap along the whole lifecycle.

10 Reasons …
for Data & AI Portfolio Management

In order to drive toward innovation and operational excellence in data & AI, portfolio management is a central factor. Take a goal-oriented and sustainable approach to your data & AI transformation.

Trusted by innovative companies and organisations.


Say hello to a holistic platform to adopt Data & AI.

From idea to operationalization, we provide a comprehensive solution to streamline your use case portfolio along the entire lifecycle.

CREATE - AI use cases


Foster problem-oriented idea generation and implementation.

MANAGE - AI use case portfolio


Prioritize and coordinate your use case portfolio.

TRANSFORM - to AI driven


Measure and demonstrate the impact of your Data & AI initiatives.

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Great customers already use Casebase to shape their Data & AI Journey.

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Reduce Complexity

Reducing the Complexity

Keep an eye on the entire portfolio and know which use cases have the greatest potential for investment.

Save Time

Improving the Quality

Define and live the workflows and standards along the entire lifecycle of a data and AI product.

Strengthening Participation

Raise awareness of and interest in data & AI initiatives within the company.

Save Time

Enhancing the Knowledge Transfer

Gather and provide easily  information to build a common ground for solution-oriented development.


Bring ideas to life.

Define Data & AI use cases that matter to your business and merge all relevant information across the value chain.

–> Explore ways to create

Manage Your Data & AI Use Case Portfolio


Make decisions that
drive your business.

Ensure your initiatives run smoothly and deliver optimal results. Establish an efficient workflow and drive your structured use case portfolio in a goal-oriented manner.

–> Start managing your AI portfolio

Use Case Drivin Data & AI Transformation


Realize the full potential of your Data & AI initiatives.

Empower your organization to become a data-driven culture and rely on trustworthy AI.

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Use Case Drivin Data & AI Transformation

Driving Innovation and Efficiency

Get a home for your Data & AI products— so, say yes to more innovations, more customers, and more revenue.

One central for Data & AI

Create one centrale place for Data Analytics & AI Use Cases

AI Strategy

Start prioritization aligned
with the overall strategy

Standards for Data & AI

Establish comparable

seamless tech integration

Gather your tech stack seamlessly

AI Strategy

Find relevant information and assets within secondes

Standards for Data & AI

Demonstrate the value to your stakeholders

Questions & Answers

What problem does Casebase solve?

Casebase tackles the complexities of  managing and scaling AI and data analytics by addressing several key organizational challenges

  • Lack of transparency and systematics of  heterogeneously grown Data & AI initiatives
  • Poor quality standards along the life cycle
  • Insufficient skills and knowledge transfer within an organization.

What does Casebase do?

Casebase helps SMEs and enterprises to build a single point of truth for their data analytics & AI applications.
The SaaS platform provides you with solutions to systematically collect and define use cases, ensure AI compliance & governance needs, prioritize and organize the portfolio value-driven, and expand AI literacy in your organization.

Casebase thus addresses the key organizational challenges to drive the RIO of your data and AI initiatives sustainably and reliably.

Who can benefit from Casebase?

Casebase is designed to benefit a wide range of stakeholders within an organization. Operational teams can leverage Casebase to streamline their workflows, build a common ground between business and tech experts to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in managing their AI and data analytics use cases. Management benefits from Casebase by gaining a comprehensive overview of the portfolio, ensuring governance, and making informed decisions that drive value creation. Additionally, Casebase establishes a foundational platform for the entire company, supporting cross-functional collaboration, enhancing AI literacy, and enabling the organization to navigate and capitalize on AI and data analytics initiatives. Hence, Casebase offers value to everyone from on-the-ground operational teams to top-level management, fostering an environment of innovation and strategic growth across the entire company.

How long does it take to implement Casebase?

Casebase implementation is fast and user-friendly, often requiring only a short period of time for full integration into your existing business processes. Thanks to its customizable nature, it can be quickly adapted to your organizational needs and operational requirements. A smooth transition is also supported by the Casebase APIs and onboarding program. This allows you to start improving the data and AI activities of your teams and the entire company in no time.

How does the software ensure that employee use cases are proteced and confidential ?

Casebase provides a robust privacy and security architecture and measures to ensure that all employee ideas and company data are protected and kept confidential. Access to use cases is controlled by customizable permission settings, which means that only authorized users can see or interact with the submitted use cases. This can be defined via the workspace settings and role management.

In addition, the software has features that allow individual users or even a team to work in a draft version that is not visible to anyone else.

Furthermore Casebase provides intellectual property protection provisions. This means that any subbmitted use case idea logged within the system is timestamped and can be tracked back to the original author, which establishes a clear record of ownership.

How flexible is Casebase to specific organizational processes?

Data & AI is an extremely dynamic and rapidly changing field where companies must adapt their goals and processes. Casebase supports this through maximum flexibility and customization options.

Hierarchically, Casebase builds on customizable company settings that can define a framework for the underlying workspaces. Based on these top-down guidelines, individual workspaces can further customize their processes and templates.

For example, fundamental lifecycle phases, quality gates, evaluation dimensions, or documentation templates can be promoted by the company. Individual workspace teams then have the opportunity to easily expand their workflows based on this or to create additional documentation templates.

Where does Casebase host your data?

When you claim a Casebase instance, it’s yours and yours alone. For each customer, we set up a separate environment to ensure data privacy.

Your data is primarily hosted in Germany on AWS cloud infrastructure, ensuring secure and reliable storage. Additionally, Casebase can effortlessly operate on-premise or be deployed within your cloud infrastructure, offering flexible solutions to meet your specific data hosting requirements.

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