Create. Manage. Transform.

Data & AI Use Case Management

Casebase supports use case ideas on their way to becoming valuable and innovative Data Analytics & AI Products.

Casebase - Data & AI Use Case Management

Casebase is more than a library for Data Analytics & AI use cases.

Make your use cases manageable!

With Casebase, you systematically build your portfolio of use cases, document the development process in a structured way, and steer your Data & AI roadmap with strategic metrics and insights along the data product lifecycle.

Data & AI Use Case Management At Its Best!

Casebase builds on our industry-leading foundation of continuous Data and AI use case management. This provides a structured framework to translate your AI vision and strategy into a clean portfolio of practical use cases. Align people, technology, and governance to create impactful data and AI-driven innovation.

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Ready to unlock the power of Data & AI?

From idea to operationalization, we provide a comprehensive solution to streamline your use case portfolio along the entire lifecycle.

CREATE - AI use cases


Foster problem-oriented idea generation and implementation.

MANAGE - AI use case portfolio


Prioritize and coordinate your use case portfolio.

TRANSFORM - to AI driven


Measure and demonstrate the impact of your Data & AI initiatives.

Say goodbye to organizing your use cases through disparate tools and hello to a holistic SaaS platform.

Reduce Complexity

Decrease Complexity

Keep an eye on the entire portfolio and know which use cases have the greatest potential for investment.

Save Time

Reduce Time To Information

Gather and provide easily relevant information to build a common ground for solution-oriented development.

Improve Efficiency

Improve Efficiency

Streamline the implementation of Data & AI products with clear workflows and quality gates.


Bring ideas to life.

Define Data & AI use cases that matter to your business and merge all relevant information across the value chain.

–> Explore ways to create

Manage Your Data & AI Use Case Portfolio


Make decisions that
drive your business.

Ensure your initiatives run smoothly and deliver optimal results. Establish an efficient workflow and drive your structured use case portfolio in a goal-oriented manner.

–> Start managing your AI portfolio


Realize the full potential of your Data & AI initiatives.

Empower your organization to become a data-driven culture by sharing your success stories and knowledge.

–> Learn how to transform

Use Case Drivin Data & AI Transformation

Driving Innovation and Efficiency

Get a home for your Data & AI products— so, say yes to more ideas, more customers, and more revenue.

One central for Data & AI

Create one centrale place for Data Analytics & AI Use Cases

AI Strategy

Start prioritization aligned
with the overall strategy

Standards for Data & AI

Establish comparable

seamless tech integration

Gather your tech stack seamlessly

AI Strategy

Find relevant information and assets within secondes

Standards for Data & AI

Demonstrate the value to your stakeholders

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